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“To unlock the potential in people, teams and organizations by improving their core capabilities, such that they can perform at their best” (WHY Statement)

Bas is a highly skilled and results-oriented professional with extensive experience in leading business transformation programs with SAP as technology enabler. He has been successful in intense and demanding environments, providing decisive leadership and structure with a track record of motivating and developing people and teams.

His areas of expertise are business process improvement, SAP solution design, organizational change management, project management, strategy roadmaps, benefits realization, contract negotiation, turnaround management, and talent development.

He is acting in senior leadership roles on the client and consulting side. Bas is highly experienced in working with C-level executives. He has worked with and managed ‘big five’ system integrators. He has led projects in Europe, North and South-America.

Bas his leadership style can be characterized as hands-on, pragmatic, trusting, open, transparent, relentless, encouraging and down-to-earth.

He has led 20+ full-cycle SAP implementation projects cross-industry. Recent experience with SAP S4 HANA.

He has been working in the following industries: utilities, oil and gas, public sector, manufacturing, consumer business, travel and transport, entertainment, technology, banking and insurance

Bas holds a Master’s Degree in Economics from VU University Amsterdam. He is a certified project manager by PMI (PMP©) and IBM. He is also a certified business consultant by IBM., and certified SAP consultant by PwC and SAP.

He has published articles about business transformation, leadership and technology on basdebaat.com and CIO.com