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“Well, maybe up-teen zillion was too general a cost estimate” – Chris Wildt

Besides defining the project scope and attracting qualified people, estimating project cost can be quite a complex task. What are some of the measures that you can implement to be more certain about the accuracy of cost estimates such that little to no surprises come on your way?

The first measure is to make sure that there is a well-documented specification of the deliverable, whatever that deliverable maybe. In order to get there you must have a breakdown of the product or service that the project will deliver. And because that breakdown is subjective to change, you have to maintain it. At times that can result in change requests from the vendor. Document and document. Although it may not be an attractive tasks to do, overtime it certainly pays off (think for example of business process management and solution sustainment).

The second measure is about process. You need to define the delivery process as well as the scope, cost estimation and configuration management processes. The delivery process requires involvement from the subject matter experts, as they are the most knowledgeable and experienced of how a deliverable will be created. The project leader acts in this situation as a facilitator and involves all key players, from designers to developers to testers up to staff who sustain the solution. They all must come to a mutually agreed to delivery process, that becomes the standard. Periodically review the delivery process and make improvements. When the input is right (specification) and the delivery process is right, the output will meet your expectations. The scope management process is critical for a number of reasons. It tells the sponsor and other business stakeholders what the planned project outcome is in a ‘tangible manner’. Furthermore it forms the baseline of project plan, budget, and the contractual agreement with the vendor. The cost estimation process must be standardized such that all parties understand their roles and responsibilities, and what is required to come to an agreeable price. Full transparency of how the team calculated the estimate is crucial (for simplicity, I am making the assumption that cost and price of a deliverable are the same). And lastly, the configuration management process is important as it sets you up for long term success. If you keep track of the cost associated with the build up or configuration of the product or service, it becomes a reliable benchmark for future requirements. Let’s say for example that a dashboard with operational key performance indictors is a deliverable. Keeping track of the estimated and actual cost, helps you in the future when there is a similar business need. It all sounds very straightforward, but there aren’t many organizations who do it.

The third measure is to include calculation models for cost estimates of deliverables in the contract with the vendor or in an agreed to project standard. Here is a good example: vendors (system integrators) who design, build, test and implement ERP solutions, use standardized models that calculate the level of effort for certain development objects like workflow, reports, interfaces, conversion programs, enhancement programs and forms. Depending on the level of complexity the estimator says that for a medium complex report, it takes 3 days to specify, 5 days to develop, and 2 days to test, so 10 days of effort in total. It is quite common that the client only hears 10 days of effort and a certain price from the vendor, instead of the full breakdown. Depending on the negotiated, overall price of the project, change requests can become the ‘bread and butter’ for the vendor. Especially in saturated, highly competitive markets, where vendors may come in with a relatively low price and try to ‘recover’ along the way. Depending on the type of contract (see a previous post about fixed price), the status of the project and other factors, vendors respond differently to change request, effort estimation and pricing and at times present an unreasonable cost estimate in the eyes of the client. If it is not managed well, it can lead to major conflicts. Why would we let that happen? Why would we not be fully transparent about calculation models instead? When two parties embark on a journey to implement a technology that in many cases is the enabler to transform the business, it is wise to spend energy on those value driven activities instead of debates, conflicts or disputes about project cost. At the start of the project, get concurrence upon a standard that works for both and that, together with the other measures discussed above, will set the project up for success. Consider using industry benchmarks to validate the accuracy of the calculation model.

The fourth measure is about effort contingency. Oftentimes, the initial cost estimate of a new or changed deliverable is nothing more than an order of magnitude, SWAG or guesstimate. The vendor has to go with the client through the specification process first to understand the detailed requirements, before the estimate can be firmed up. Make sure that you incorporate a mark up for effort contingency in the cost estimate (some extra days). This kind of contingency differs from cost contingency. That’s more of a percentage based on a number of conditions and added as mark up on the total project cost. It’s more a safety net for unforeseen and in principle be ‘untouched’.

So in closing, to better manage surprises on the project cost side, strive for full transparency. Meaning: clarity in defining the business requirements, standardization of the delivery process, scope management process, cost estimation processes and calculation models, and finally using an adequate mark-up for effort contingency in the cost estimate.

Bas de Baat

Program Manager Enterprise Applications, PMP© | Solution Architect

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“Clarity breeds mastery” – Robin Sharma

When we initiate a technology-driven-change project, we all want to start off right. We all want to be successful in the end. Now, let’s put the odd exceptions aside for a second and make the assumption that when you turn the ‘Wheel of Fortune’, it does actually spin to the point where you make a jump for joy, because you have achieved all your goals: 100% project success on all counts.

In reality, the likelihood that you reach that ultimate, optimum state is not that high. If you read the number of articles about why project fail or not deliver what was originally intended, we still have ways to go. The wheel of fortune is highly symbolic and refers to the fact that things go in cycles. There are good times and there are bad times. The main idea behind this mysterious wheel is that you are fully aware of what’s happening inside and outside of you, and that you are taking actions to influence the outcome when required.

So, what can you do to make sure that when you do spin the wheel, you land on an acceptable spot or at least make a significant step forward from where you are today? Here are 3 behaviours that you want to embed in your project organization:

  1. Clarity: Be transparent in your goals, actions and communications; remove ambiguity all the time

My experience is that organizations that were able to achieve their goals through people, process and technology change, provided full clarity of WHAT they wanted to achieve and communicated that to all project stakeholders at the right time at the right place with the right level of detail. They realized that clarity is progressive and subject to change. Therefore they assigned highly skilled leaders to key roles in the project organization, who are mindful of the fact that ambiguity is a ’silent killer’. Think about roles like the project sponsor, project leader, solution architect, functional and technical team leads and the organizational change management lead. They were all aligned, committed and capable of adequately communicating the project goals, solution direction, business impact, project strategies and major risks.

  1. Far-sightedness: Always be prepared and have alternative plans to make things happen

The same organizations had a well-defined, structured and communicated project plan. They consistently went through a recurring planning process, such that the project team and business stakeholders knew what was coming when, why and from whom. At the project level there were alternative strategies and plans readily available in case circumstances required the team to adjust the course. Where possible alternative delivery strategies where followed to expedite or to be responsive in case business requirements were for valid reasons in a state of flux.

  1. Stamina: Never stop, but keep moving forward, also when you feel you are making a step backwards

Perseverance is crucial for all business transformation projects to succeed. “All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end” [Rob Sharma]. It’s oftentimes said that technology-driven-change is like a ride on a roller coaster or a bad day on the stock market. A caveat to that statement is that nobody knows when you are about to make a turn or enter a circular loop. Like nobody can accurately forecast the price of oil, it’s the same for managing change. At best you can make reasonable predications based on past behaviour. Organizations who have been successful in dealing with significant change wisely invested in professionals, who know how to prepare, avoid or respond to different kind of scenario’s and sudden shifts in motion. Companies who ‘go on the cheap’ will in the end be less cost effective. They may have saved on project cost, but likely have not achieved the ‘deep change’ that is needed to achieve the end user adoption and planned business benefits.

When you are about to turn the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ make sure that you are prepared. When you land in a spot where you don’t want to be, ignite your action plans and sit through it. A key element of the preparation is making sure that you have the right team. As I mentioned in previous posts, in the end it is all about having access to talented and intrinsically motivated people. It’s rare that process and technology change put the project in a ’troubled’ state.

Bas de Baat

Program Manager Enterprise Applications, PMP© | Solution Architect

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“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells” – Dr. Seuss

It’s not that long ago that I started spending some time on understanding how the human brain functions. My interest to do a deeper dive on the mystery of the brain, was triggered by reading the book ’The Talent Code’ from Daniel Coyle. He writes about scientific research that says that top talent is based on a combination of deep, deliberate practice and passion, instead of a ’natural, innate gift’ that you received at birth. The role of the coach is instrumental for the growth of the talent to world-class level for a number of reasons. Besides creating the right conditions and motivating the individual, the most critical task at hand is to push the person continuously into their sweet spot (or outside their ‘comfort zone’), where  growth accelerates and talent blooms.

When you expose yourself to the world of the human brain, you’ll discover that the 1.5 KG organ is made up of 100 billion brain cells or neurons. All those neurons are connected and form complex neural networks. The brain is using these networks to pass on electric signals. The neural networks can get better and better by deep practice. Every time you practice, the neural network part of the brain that supports that activity gets thicker and therefore the electrical signals can ignite and pass on faster and more reliable. Based on research it has been proven that 10.000 hours of deliberate practice can make you a world-class performer in the field of expertise you’re so passionate about. Whether that is music, sports, business, consulting or project management, it doesn’t matter. There is another fascinating aspect of the human brain and its called ‘brain plasticity’. It is the ability of the brain to grow, regrow and reform its connections and functions, and is the heart of learning and of memory.

The United States, Europe and Japan have initiated major multi million dollar ‘brain research’ projects separately, to get a better understanding of the functioning of the brain. It’s an indication that the human brain is becoming more and more a centrepiece of the future of technology and business, and that it may very well become the next big wave of evolution since the rise of the Internet.

Earlier this year there was a publication in The Guardian: “What will happen when the internet of things (IoT) becomes artificially intelligent?”, wherein the author mentions that Stephen Hawking, Bill Gates and Elon Musk share a similar concern. They see the combination of AI and IoT as a real existential threat. In other words, situations where the machine can take actions on its own without human intervention may not be acceptable. What if the robot becomes smarter than the human being?

In his book ‘The Future of the Mind’, author Michio Kaku scientists are able to insert a chip into the human brain enabling the person to perform tasks though thought alone, for example surfing the web, read and write email and play video games. He mentioned that perhaps it is a matter of time to insert artificial memories into our brain to learn new subjects.

With all this information, let’s time travel to the future and believe that we are able to insert ‘chips with knowledge and experience’ into our human brain. Be imaginative of how that may work. These chips would help us fast-track into our careers by skipping many of the 10.000 hours of practice. It would help us with instant fixes for any shortcomings. If this is all has become the new reality of the day, what modules of ’neural network implants’ do we want to insert in the brain to be a world-class performing project manager?

Here is an examples of a ’neural network implant’ that came to my mind:

Let’s assume that the project manager is responsible for the delivery of the ‘best of breed’ solution ABC for a client in the manufacturing industry. The candidate has a proven track record of delivering large scale, complex solutions, but has no experience with the particular solution, nor with manufacturing.

In that case, the chip would contain product and industry knowledge and experience from a  > people > process > technology > data > analytics > governance perspective. Most likely the chip would be co developed by the software vendor and potentially a system integrator.

One of the business benefits for the client would be that they have now access to a high performing project manager who now has access to the latest and greatest product and industry insights. As a consequence the probability of overall project success increases significantly.

I know that this is a basic example of the future potential of ‘brain chips’, however it is the right time to start thinking about the business application of this emerging technology.

It would be fantastic if you share your creative thinking by responding to my post. What ’neural network chips or implants’ would you consider?

It all seems far away that neuroscience technology is going to impact our work and life and therefore it is a very interesting area to watch. At times we may consider certain insights and solutions to be nonsense. But that something major is going to happen in this area is a given. I would suggest to keep an eye on the outcomes of the projects of the United States (Brain Initiative), Europe (Human Brain Project) and Japan (Brain/MINDS) that have launched in the last few years, and be creative in assessing the future potential.

Bas de Baat

Program Manager Enterprise Applications, PMP©