New Book

Exciting news! I have written a new book called “THINK. CHANGE. ACHIEVE.” and you can find it in the Amazon bookstore in a Kindle and Paperback format. It will be published on May 1, 2019 and is ready-for-pre-order early April.

Over the last 2 years, when time permitted, I put my energy and focus on writing a book about business transformation in a disruptive environment. The book is a reflection of my knowledge and experience that I have gained through the years leading large business transformation projects with technology as enabler. Those projects were cross-industry and in Europe, North-America and South-America.

It is a book with practical suggestions, methods and tools that you can use as a leader in your field while dealing with change at the personal, team and organizational level.

Book description

Do you want to unlock your potential, improve your core capabilities and outsmart everyone else? This book will give you insight in how to do that. With the volatile and complex world we live in today we all get stuck at times and feel that we are locked up in a box without proper tools to get out. You have got the think through a new plan, change the ground rules and give it your absolute best to achieve your goals. All you need is a pragmatic and simple approach that gets you there. The structure of the book is based on a concept that is called “THINK. CHANGE. ACHIEVE.” The core idea is that you are always aware of your context and use your intellectual capacity and distinct leadership skills to transform yourself, team or organization to a new and better place.

About the Author

Bas de Baat is an Executive Management Consultant with a passion for unlocking the potential in people, teams and organizations by improving their core capabilities in such a way that they can perform at their best. He is a highly skilled and results-oriented professional with extensive experience in leading business transformation programs with technology as enabler. He is successful in intense and demanding environments, providing decisive leadership and structure,  and navigating an organization through disruption and change. Bas is from Toronto, Canada.